LMS Implementation

We’ve dealt with many organizations like yours over the years, and we know what it takes to effectively implement a Learning Management System.

Trusted Learning Partner for LMS Implementation

We at BaseCorp are using all the expertise to simplify your LMS implementation process

Whether you are implementing an LMS for the first time, or thinking of switching to a new learning management system platform, you are probably concerned with making sure you can demonstrate its effectiveness. Implementing an LMS can be daunting—it takes preparation, planning and even some change management. Maybe you wish you had an expert on-hand to guide you through the process.

We are your expert. With over 17 years of experience implementing learning management systems in a wide range of organizations, we can help you get up and running quickly and efficiently. And we can help you make sure that people use the system.

“You get buy-in because you can see it – what was said, what was written, what was demonstrated actually happens.”Mary Benassi, Vice President Human Resources WesternZagros

Six Proven Steps for a Successful LMS Implementation

1. Set your Requirements

We’ll help you determine the best ways to reach your audience. We’ll also help you figure out your business needs so we can configure the system to best meet your unique requirements.

2. Assemble an Implementation Team

Our implementation professionals will help you allocate the right resources, timeframe and budget to ensure a successful implementation.

3. Identify Technical Challenges

Do you have some unique reporting requirements? Do you need your LMS to talk to other systems in your organization? We’ll establish how data will be transferred and discuss the integration options.

4. Training and Support

We have comprehensive training and flexible support options for your administrators, so they can get the most from your learning management system.

5. Branding

Customize your portal to reflect your brand and set up the features you need. (And we’ll make sure you look great on any device.)

6. Testing and Final Configuration

A well-designed pilot and good testing practices will help you deliver the best possible user experience to your learners.

Let’s be Transparent About Prices

  • 8 Hour Block
    • $ 1100 one time
  • 16 Hour Block
    • $ 2090 one time
  • 32 Hour Block
    • $ 3971 one time

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