Customer Success Stories

Without an effective learning partner, you can face issues from unengaging courseware to a lack of accountability and metrics. Learn how BaseCorp can help take your training to the next level.

AARFP's training materials lacked consistent formatting and layout, which was resulting in a challenging learning experience. How did BaseCorp work with them to streamline and optimize their learning?


CSCF needed an interactive, mobile-accessible online course that kept the interest of students long enough to teach them the science of sun safety. How did BaseCorp help them create a fun course that still fulfilled stakeholder requirements?

NLCHI had under two months to develop and deliver new SCORM-compliant training to three distinct groups, each with different needs. How did BaseCorp help them seamlessly change LMS providers and develop new, more interactive courseware?

PPDM wanted to save time and money by leveraging their existing content for online courseware, but their existing LMS wasn't up to the task. How did the BaseCorp team ensure they got exactly what they wanted, with what they had to work with?

THRC needed to expand their training program to reach both national and international learners with an interactive and engaging blend of online and paper-based training and certification. How did BaseCorp help them take their learning worldwide?