BaseCorp Online Learning and Training Solutions

BaseCorp partners with organizations to design and deliver custom learning programs that improve performance.

Creating, delivering, managing and reporting on your learning programs has never been so easy.

Learning Resources Development

Base Corp. can develop learning resources and courses for online training, classroom, correspondence and blended deliveries.

We create everything from traditional classroom manuals to highly interactive engaging online courses. Apart from delivering eLearning and mLearning to learners, we support training for your international workforce by translating your existing training programs. We also create small learning nuggets accessible at any time, on any device to ensure just-in-time delivery.

SkilLBuilder LMS

Give your employees the opportunity to access their training at the time of need, where they need it. We support training on all devices, including computer, tablet and mobile.

Easily upload, manage, deliver and report on your learning programs using our cloud-based learning management system (LMS). Meet training objectives using personalized learning paths, blended delivery and responsive development.

LMS Implementation

We have extensive experience working with a variety of Learning Management Systems and industry applications.

When selecting the appropriate solution for a client, Base Corp. acts much like a broker. We use a standardized checklist to select the appropriate development processes and technology to meet the customer requirement. We enable organizations to internalize a competency-based learning solution and get lasting benefits from the technology implementation by working through a proactive and well planned change initiative.

Learning Process Consulting

With 17 years of experience, BaseCorp has a proven record of helping companies implement effective, engaging training programs.

We complete a training needs analysis to ensure the training experience is going to work. We analyze your training needs and learning objectives, identify skill gaps and pain points. Then, we provide you the best solutions to meet your training requirements. From establishing the learning processes, courseware, and evaluation instruments, we provide you custom learning solutions to meet your business goals.

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