Learning Resources Development

Learning content development that delivers measurable results.

BaseCorp’s Steps to Building Successful Learning Resources

(We didn’t invent the wheel, but we are excellent drivers!)

1. Analyze

Identify what training is required, for whom and why.

2. Design

Create a road map of the learning program, figure out the best delivery and evaluation methods.

3. Develop

Build the program – with plenty of check-ins along the way.

4. Implement

Deliver the training program in a meaningful and engaging manner.

5. Evaluate

Measure results and ensure all learning objectives were met; adjust accordingly.

“BaseCorp is a good firm that’s willing to listen and do what you need to have done … at a reasonable price!”


Wendy Swedlove, President, Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council

Optimizing Your Employee Training

BaseCorp has been developing courses and learning resources for online and classroom-based delivery (and everything in between!) for the last 17 years. Our learning experts use documented processes to build courseware and assessments that deliver your learning objectives. You review and provide feedback; we listen and create engaging training solutions. 

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