Great Partners Accomplish Great Things

Partner with BaseCorp to identify new opportunities, create new revenue streams, and promote your organization’s services and solutions to new clients via our SkillBuilder® LMS.

Why Partner with BaseCorp?

Expand your current product and service offering with SkillBuilder® LMS, a modern and intuitive learning management system.

Increase your revenue

Provide additional expertise to your customers

Realize a competitive advantage

Increase your brand awareness

Partnership Options

Referral Program Partner

Recommend SkillBuilder® LMS to your customers and collect a commission on the sale. Leverage our Free Trials and marketing tools to show your clients what SkillBuilder® LMS can do.

Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Want to do more than offer a referral? Become the face of SkillBuilder® LMS for your customers. Sell, implement and support SkillBuilder® under your brand for a bigger piece of the pie.

Tech Integration Partner

SkillBuilder® LMS has single sign-on capability and an open API Tool Kit. As a software vendor, integrate with SkillBuilder® LMS to provide additional functionality for your customers.

Learning Content Partner

Do you provide training or develop eLearning? We’re looking for great partners to put their courseware in SkillBuilder® LMS. Join us to deliver an enhanced learning program.