Learning Process Consulting

Helping our clients analyze and evaluate current processes and map new processes to optimize learning programs.

Learning Process Consulting

Identifying how people will learn is critical to the success of any learning system. Mapping how learners will access curriculum, how they will engage, how they will be evaluated, and determining what kind of evaluation and records are required will ensure the best use of resources.


BaseCorp helps customers build business cases to support training initiatives. We work in consultation with client stakeholders, and we leverage a documented needs analysis process and checklists.


BaseCorp Learning Systems also offers an objective, experienced external perspective to help companies complete an accurate Return on Investment (ROI) calculation unique to their learning environment. This information is crucial to support the development, implementation and evaluation of small- to large-scale learning solutions.

The Learning Cycle

We develop Learning Processes for our customers that describe how learning will happen in the organization.

A Learning Process outlines:

how employees will acquire the knowledge and skills they need

how that information will be delivered

how we will evaluate learning and track and report performance

Skill Profiling

A skill profile is a visual representation of “what an individual needs to know” and “what the individual needs to be able to do” to be successful in an organization.


A profile is an inventory of the skills required to carry out the work of the organization, facility, department or area. BaseCorp facilitates working sessions with client subject matter experts to identify and structure a visual representation of work requirements.


BaseCorp’s Profiling Process Helps to Achieve


Group consensus regarding learning needs.


Buy-in and commitment to the development process.


Structure for the development of an enterprise learning process.


Employer and employee communication about what should be done to improve the workplace.


A framework for the identification of existing and required learning resources.

Let’s be Transparent About Prices

  • 1 Day Session - 2 Facilitators
    • $ 6400 one time
  • 1 Day Session - 3 Facilitators
    • $ 7600 one time
  • 2 Day Session - 2 Facilitators
    • $ 11520 one time
  • 2 Day Session - 3 Facilitators
    • $ 13680 one time

All prices in USD

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