Providing better training programs & performance through technology.

Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council

Needed online and paper-based certification to meet global demand.

Professional Petroleum Data Management Association

Converting pre-existing course content into online courseware.

Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Professionals

Improve learner experience with better course materials and more interactivity.

SkillBuilder® LMS Functionality Listing

Discover all the main features of SkillBuilder® LMS, a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to deliver comprehensive learning programs to learners.

Newfoundland Centre for Health Information

An immediate need to quickly develop and deliver health practitioner training.

Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation

How do you keep childrens' attention to teach them the science of sun-safety?

Cloud-Based LMS - Vendor Evaluation Template

This LMS vendor evaluation template will help you to categorize, itemize, and evaluate vendors to establish a scoring system for your organization’s needs.

White Paper: Competency-Based Learning Systems

Our white paper provides the tools for understanding the requirements for implementing a competency-based learning system in corporate environments.