Learning Management System FAQ

How quickly can we implement your LMS?

In a matter of a few weeks, your SkillBuilder® LMS can be live – it all depends on how quickly you can work with us to form the business requirements, gather the materials, and configure any customizations you may require.

Will your LMS match our group and role-based work?

Whatever your organizational structure, SkillBuilder® LMS is designed to partition course access by group, and restrict administrative functionality by role.

Our brand is important to us – can you customize and configure the LMS to our brand standards?

Your brand is your identity, and we’ll brand your LMS to your specifications – the look and feel will match seamlessly.

Does your LMS have standard features that can be turned on or off easily?

Absolutely, here are some examples. You may or may not require eCommerce functionality, coupons, or activation tickets. You may or may not need our built-in Authoring Tool. And your testing needs may require proctors, or not. The functionality’s there if you need it; just let us know.

Can I access the LMS on my mobile devices?

Convenience and accessibility are key aspects to the usability of SkillBuilder®, and with our responsive design and HTML 5 coding, your users can learn where and when they’re ready.

Are there out-of-the-box features we can offer when we’re ready?

Sure. For example, many organizations looking to expand internationally to generate revenue through product sales love the built-in international shipping system, and the ability to sell tangible, as well as digital, products.

Can your LMS integrate with our CRM system?

We’re very experienced with Salesforce integrations, or other systems, and we understand the API building process. Handling your historical user data will not be a problem, as in most cases, our developers have “seen it before.”

What reporting analytics are available for your LMS?

Our dashboard immediately reveals to learners their courses and accomplishments, as well as their certificates available for printing, and they can view their test scores. Administrators can gain deep insight into test analytics, (down to the question), and draw reports around user completion, product sales, and invoicing data.

Can you provide some pricing information – how do I gauge your LMS’ affordability?

You will license our hosted solution for a monthly fee that covers all the users and all the courses you’ll ever offer! BaseCorp’s project managers will help you build a business case if needed to establish a cost-benefit analysis, but in general SkillBuilder® is one of the most commercially robust yet affordable LMS products on the market. Because cost depends on your needs, just give us a call at 1.866.867.2273 and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing with you or visit SkillBuilder® pricing page.

Does your LMS come with customer training services?

Absolutely, we won’t leave you hanging. You’ll be very comfortable using the system when the implementation is complete. Training typically lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on pre-existing comfort levels and system configurations.