Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Professionals (AARFP):

Optimizing a Training Program

The Challenge

The Alberta Association of Recreation Facility Personnel (AARFP) found that inconsistent course materials were causing students in their training program a lot of headaches. Executive Director Kim Snell found that inconsistencies in formatting and layout made learning the content more of a challenge, and took more time than it should.

Because of this. AARFP wanted to improve the consistency and professionalization of their paper materials.

Although a small association, Kim believed that outsourcing one online course as a pilot would address three key goals. Namely, it would allow them to:

  1. Improve access to a broader market
  2. Improve interactivity
  3. Improve the instructional design of the content

The Solution

BaseCorp’s instructional and graphic design team got to work reviewing and enhancing the simplicity and consistency of the layout, streamlining the clarity of the learning objectives for the materials while maintaining the accuracy of the content.

As well, BaseCorp designed the layout and developed the interactive online course, and facilitated the business transaction process whereby AARFP clients would access, register, and receive certification for their training.

The Results

Kim and her team were pleased with the results, and are gathering statistics on course demand and learning comprehension.